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Related Links

On this page I've collected my favourite links about Madagascar to provide more information about this marvelous island

Flora, Fauna, Conservation Projects:

Primate Fact Sheets (Lemurs)
- A great scientific overview about primates - including all kind of lemurs, on the page of the University of Wisconsin's Regional Primate Research Center.

MFG - Madagascar Fauna Group
- The 39 MFG member institutions throughout the world are committed to preserving endangered lemurs and other wildlife, and their habitats, through field research, captive breeding efforts, and by providing technical advice and training to locals

Lemur Center at Duke University
Once a comprehensive site about all kind of information about lemurs - still interesting.

Godric's Lemur Gallery
- Lemur sights and sounds.

MOBOT - Biodiversity and Conservation
- Missouri Botanical Garden
"This web site is based on photographs and experiences from travels in five areas of rainforest, two areas of dry tropical forest and two parts of the spiny desert."

MOBOT - Conspectus of the Vascular Plants of Madagascar
- Missouri Botanical Garden
A great page with lots of pictures and information about the flora of Madagascar.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew - Madagascar Plant Diversity
- Geographical Information System (GIS), Vegetation mapping and biodiversity conservation on Madagascar.

"Masoala Rainforest" Project
- An authentic rainforest experience in Zurich Zoo (Switzerland). On an area of around 10,000 mē of zoo parkland, an impressive snapshot of Madagascar's rainforest is being created.

The Peregrine Fund
- Fish-Eagle, Serpent-Eagle, Red Owl conservation, Masoala Project

Earthwatch Institute - Lemurs
- Dr. Patricia Wright has guided volunteers for study the the behavior of the Milne-Edward's sifaka and greater bamboo lemur that can provide appropriate habitat protection for lemurs, and ensure their survival.

Earthwatch Institute - Fossa
- The fossa is actually a large relative of the civets, genets, and mongooses. Biologist Luke Dollar need your help in Ankarafantsika National to observ these rare animals whose population status a mystery.

WWF - Ecoregions of the World
- Lowland forests, subhumid forests, dry deciduous forests, spiny thickets, succulent woodlands, ericoid thickets and mangroves of Madagascar are parts of these regions.
WWF - Save Wild Places
- Like the Galapagos Islands, the island of Madagascar is a living laboratory of evolution. 98 percent of Madagascar's land mammals, 92 percent of its reptiles, 68 percent of its plants, and 41 percent of its breeding bird species exist nowhere else on Earth.

WCS - Wildlife Conservation Society
- WCS has been working in Madagascar for 13 years for helping to create national parks and reserves trying to conserve natural resources to save Madagascar's unique biodiversity.

Conservation Ecology: Lemurs of the Masoala peninsula
- On the Masoala Peninsula ConsEcol is monitoring the two largest prosimian species, Eulemur fulvus albifrons and Varecia variegata rubra, at disturbed and undisturbed forest sites to determine the impact on the population viability of these species.

Overall Info about Madagascar:

The Living Edens - Madagascar
- The Living Edens, an inspiring natural history series of PBS television, opens magical vistas to viewers.

The Greatest Places - Madagascar
- The Greatest Places is a large-format film that takes you on an educational journey to seven of the most geographically dynamic locations on Earth. Madagascar is one of them. You find some background info on this site of the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Travelers, Expeditions on Madagascar:

NOVA/PBS Online Adventure - The Wilds of Madagascar
- Journey with us into the lost world of Madagascar on this latest NOVA/PBS Online Adventure ("live" from May 18 to June 8, 2000).

'In search of the Silky Sifaka' - Madagascar, November 2000
- Gordon and Joan Murray's nicely illustrated trek diary about their Madagascar journey from Nov 15 to Dec 3, 2000.

Photo galleries - and a bit more:

Madagascar Biodiversity and Conservation Exhibit
- Photo exhibition about the Flora and Fauna of Madagascar presented by the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Lost World Art Galleries
- Three galleries about Madagascar - with excellent photos.

Further Madagascar links on the Hungarian site

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