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Maroantsetra - Mananara Trek (2.)

/ 21. Sept: Nosy Mangabe -> Maroantsetra (boat) -> Nandrasana (taxi brousse) -> Rantabe (on foot)
   22. Sept: Rantabe -> Tanjona (on foot)
   23. Sept: Tanjona -> Mananara (on foot)
   24. Sept: Mananara
   25. Sept: Mananara -> Toamasina (flight) /

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more pictures about landscapes on the coast of Antongil bay
River-landscape near to its mouth. Five large and several smaller rivers spring from the coastal mountains and flow into the Antongil bay between Maroantsetra and Mananara.
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more pictures about traffic on the coastal road of Antongil bay
The unpaved RN5 coastal main road is interrupted by rivers, destroyed time to time by the monsun. The bridges where exist at all, are in very bad condition. No hurry, no worry, these cheerful people take it with ease and even cars not but life goes on...
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more pictures about people
I found the malagasy people all friendly, helpful and charming. This nice girl has shown me the way to the sweet water source because rivers are salty near to their mouth.
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more pictures about Mananara
Import rice from Pakistan is unloaded in the river-harbour of Mananara. This small town at the mouth of a river with the same name was the destination of my 3-day trek along the coastal road.
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Photos: Laszlo Bolgar