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More Nice People ...

Traveling is more than just seeing sights or laying on the beach all day long and eating well. It's also about meeting new people, both locals and fellow travelers.

ITENERARY page Nice People I met on Madagascar MADAGASCAR Links
Erik concentrate on the silky sifakas in Marojezy
Erik was one of the 4 young american researchers I met in Marojezy National Park. They gave me the opportunity to join them and follow the selten silky sifakas.
Liza observes the silky sifakas in Marojezy
Lisa the other enthusiastic american girl who has been followed and observed untiringly the lovely sifakas for three monthes 10 hours a day.
Stacey and Sarah makes a day off
Stacey and Sarah made a day off for regeneration in Marojezy camp 2. after an exhausting day in the rainforest.
The tall Jean-Luc on the small Tsingy
Jean-Luc and me ran accross first on the small Tsingy rocks in Ankarana National Park. After some encounters on different places by chance I got acquainted with him and his wife Angie during the flight to Maroantsetra.
Angie on the way to Nosy Mangabe Jean-Luc on the way to Nosy Mangabe
with Angie & Jean-Luc on the way to Nosy Mangabe by motor-boat.
ITENERARY page more Nice People (2.) MADAGASCAR Links
Photos: Laszlo Bolgar